Viruses are acellular, intracellular obligatory parasites so the chemotherapeutic agents must enter the host's cell to attack the viruses. Besides, virus don't have complex structure or cell wall & membrane & they are only involved in few physiological activity other than replication. Therefore,there are limited antiviral agents & must antiviral agents interrupt the viral replication.
  •  Amantadine & Zanamivir( prevents attachment of Influenza virus to host cell membrane).
  • Acyclovir & Ganciclovir ( They are incorporated into viral DNA during replication cycle of HSV & CMV).
  • Anti-HIV drugs like Nevirapine( they binds & inhibits reverse transcriptase) 
  • Interferons: They are small glycoproteins cells exposed to interferon develop antiviral properties. ie interference of protein synthesis . 
Cited by Kamal Singh Khadka
Msc Microbiology, TU 

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