Staining is the process of coloration of  bacterial cell or microorganisms by the use of stains/dyes.

Types Of Staining
 1. Simple Staining
              It is coloration of bacteria by using a single stain to a fixed smear. This staining is simple, easy, & basically employed to determine shape, size, arrangement of cells. The commonly used dyes are crystal violet, Methylene Blue, Carbol Fuschin.

2. Differential Staining
                 In this staining two or more stains are used. This method differentiate bacterial cells or parts of cells visible. This technique is used for:  a) Separation of MOS into groups; Gram staining & AFB Staining
                                                            b). Visualization of structures; spore stain, flagella stain, & nuclear stain.


FIG: Images Of Simple Staining 


FIG: Gram staining & AFB Staining 


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